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Department of History


The Department of History is the youngest department of the College that came into being in 2010. The Department has four committed teachers who are known to help and assist the students to the best of their ability. Beyond classroom teachings, the Department regularly organises field visits to heritage sites and monuments, besides encouraging students to participate in debates and seminars.

Why take a course in History?

The discipline of History forms an important part and parcel of social sciences studies. History is the study of the past – the people, societies, events and problems – as well as the attempts to develop our understanding about the present through past-present linkages. The subject gives us the idea about the state of art, literature, culture and civilisation – and provides an insight into past human societies and how it affects the present and influences our future. History provides us with a sense of identity. By understanding where we have come from, we can better understand our society, our culture, our language and other social artefacts. It thus provides a sense of context of our lives and our existence and helps us understand the way things are and how we might approach the future.

An under-graduate course in History under CBCS system focuses on different aspects of Indian and World History, and Ancient-, Medieval- and Modern-History. The discipline of History offers a wide range of career opportunities. Besides a career in administration (IAS/WBCS) and teaching and research, a B. A. (Honours) degree course in History enables the students to make exciting career choices such as Archaeologist, Archivist, Heritage Manager and Museum Director, to name just a few.