Training on Dengue and first aid

The NSS unit of Mirik College organized an awareness campaign on Dengue fever and first aid training today at Mirik College auditorium hall. SDO Mirik Aswini Kumar Roy was the chief guest while governing body president Punam Biswa, member Yawan Gurung, principal Subal Chandra Barman, current teacher in charge professor Nima Lama, Dr Subhendu kundu of Mirik BPHC addressed the students.

With the aim of combating Dengue disease and as per the advice of governing body of Mirik College, SDO Aswini Kumar Roy addressed students about Dengue and its transmission. He spoke about how to generate awareness among general public to prevent and control the spread of dengue in the subdvision. During the discussion, he asked the students to give Innovative ideas and the students came up with ideas like preparing short videos like memes to post on social medias, jingle to generate awareness, organizing an innovative event like ‘treasure hunt’ to find out dengue in the campus etc. Dr Subhendu Kubdu asked the students to make video on their ideas and send it to him. He also said that he can verify and officially post it on social media.The college staff. GBM and students participated in the discussion and contributed their ideas to make Mirik subdivision Dengue free. (EOIC)